About Us

Our core business is to run conferences for expatriate families, providing services in -


  • Educational testing and evaluation.


  • Educational consultancy for parents on issues such as -


  • Educational planning


  • Special Educational Needs



Resources for home-based education.


"Third culture" profile training for teachers and parents.



Market Analysis

Our market is -


  • Expatriate families educating their children at international schools in the regions.


  • Expatriate families educating their children through other means such as home-based training and local schools.


  • Teachers and school leaders, who are responsible for the education of expatriate children.



Strategy and Implementation

The pilot Conference was held in Niamey, Niger in January 2009 and Nampula, Mozambique August 2010 (see Conferences/Previous).



Margaret Stockwell

BSc Hons.

Chief Executive

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